Three Easy Fundraisers We Love

Every fundraiser knows that the more you put into a fundraiser, the more you get out of it. But let’s be honest – you still need some easy wins every now and then. 

When you’re looking for an infusion of donations and excitement into your organization, look no further than these easy fundraisers.

1) 50/50 Raffles

The beauty of 50/50 raffles is that you don’t need much to get started. These raffles work like just any other except that the profits are split between the winner and your organization.

Why we love it:

  • When you decide to run a 50/50 raffle, you can choose to do an in-person event with entertainment, food, and drinks. Or you could go virtual to truly cut down on costs and to make this easy fundraiser even easier. 
  • It won’t interfere with any of your other fundraising efforts because it stands as a one-off event.
  • There are no fancy raffle prizes necessary. 
Easy fundraiser - 50/50 raffle

2) Used Book Sale

Start a used-book drive to collect old books. Lay them out in a room in your facility. Invite people to come in and buy a used book.

Why we love it:

  • You can sell all the books for the same amount ($5 is our recommendation) so you don’t have to individually price each item. 
  • It gets supporters in the door! When they walk in to scope out the book selection, you can showcase other awesome aspects of your organization. 
  • There are absolutely zero overhead costs.
Easy fundraiser - used book sale

3) How-To Event

Find someone in your orbit with a unique (but teachable skill). Host a virtual workshop for people to learn. Charge a registration fee. There is no shortage of potential activities. From baking to crafting, book-binding to closet-organizing, the possibilities are endless! 

Why we love it: 

  • You can get creative with teachers. Don’t limit yourself to your own database. You could engage a local chef or artist. You could approach a celebrity who has a special interest in your cause. Or you could think about someone closer to home because lots of people have amazing talents.
  • Engage people beyond your supporters. If you market your event well, people from outside of your immediate community will join and will get to know your organization and its mission.
  • It’s fun! Event attendees will continue to talk about this event for a long time afterward. This sort of fundraiser is where people make memories together.
Easy fundraiser - teaching event

With each one of these easy fundraisers, you have numerous opportunities to build deeper relationships with your donors. You can tell them about your cause, how much need there is for their support, and how much impact they have when they participate in organizational events. 

It’s important to remember that even if the goal of easy fundraisers is to get money quickly, you should always be on the lookout for ways to build a lasting relationship with every donor. Every event can begin and end with an emotional connection to the cause.

Have you tried any of these suggestions? Tell us about it in the comments section below, so that others can learn from your experiences. 

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