Animal Rescue Fundraising

Animals can bring out the best in people. 

When you stare into the eyes of a hungry puppy… when you hear the purr of a kitten looking for her mother… when you know that a dark future awaits a pet that falls into the wrong hands.

When we humans hear that an animal is in danger, we jump to action. We swoop in. Our hearts simply can’t handle the pain of knowing we stood idly by while a living creature was sentenced to a life of suffering. 

The CauseMatch team is full of animal lovers. While we love ALL our clients, there is a special place in our hearts for organizations that rescue and rehabilitate our furry friends.

So when organizations like Woodrock Animal Rescue from South Africa, Jerusalem’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, and, most recently, Four Legs and Fur Animal Society approach us to help them raise money, we’re eager to oblige.

Here are two reasons we love running campaigns for animal rescue organizations.

Animal Rescue Campaigns
  1. There is something captivating about the story of an animal in plight. 

Take this short story from a recent Woodrock campaign:

Rocky is a pit bull. You can tell that he once had soft eyes and ears that stood at attention. But not now. You see, Rocky has been battered and bruised. His face torn up from dogfights and abuse.

The cuts along his jaw are so deep, he may need plastic surgery….But you have a chance to give him the bright future he so richly deserves.

Who would pass up the opportunity to save Rocky’s life? 

You know you’ve done fundraising correctly when donors feel awesome about their gifts. Somehow, it feels just a little easier to do that when talking about puppies and kittens whose future couldn’t be more bleak. 

Your job as the fundraiser is to first paint a vivid picture of what life looks like before a donor’s gift. 

Rocky won’t get the care he needs to rehabilitate. He won’t get the medicine to heal his wounds. He won’t enjoy even a single day without pain. 

Next, you can paint an equally as vivid picture of what life looks like after a donor’s gift. 

When you donate, you help Rocky find a warm home. You help him put his best paw forward and live the life he was meant to live… running outside, playing with his new family, feeling safe in his new environment.

Finally, it’s time to issue that direct call to action that conveys to donors that this bright future does not happen unless he or she donates! 

Please donate today and help Rocky find a new home! 

Donors will understand the impact of their gifts. They will picture in their minds a dog frolicking in a park, playing frisbee and tug-of-war. And they will feel the warm satisfaction of knowing that THEY enabled that impact. 

  1. Peer-to-peer campaigns for animal rescue organizations spread like wildfire!

Animal lovers attract other animal lovers. They are never apathetic or ambivalent about their affections. They are always moved to action! 

These traits make this demographic a perfect population for peer-to-peer campaigns. When you run a peer-to-peer campaign, you find ambassadors who commit to raising a certain amount of money for your cause. For organizations that save and protect animals, there is never a shortage of willing activists ready to fundraise.

And like many animals themselves, these ambassadors tend to travel in packs. That means that when they reach out to their friends and family for support, they are more likely to get an enthusiastic YES.

There is a common set of communal values when it comes to animal rescue organizations. It doesn’t matter where you live, your political affiliations, or what team you root for; animal lovers will step up and do the right thing when asked. 

When organizations utilize peer-to-peer campaigns, they amplify their reach, going well beyond their known constituents. And they work especially well for nonprofits that help animals like Rocky.

If you’re looking for guidance as to how to best set up a crowdfunding campaign for your animal rescue organization, please contact us today. We can help! 

We, too, want the warm satisfaction of knowing we helped organizations like yours save animals like Rocky. 

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