Studies show that genuine flattery can greatly impact fundraising efforts. So, shower your donors with sincere praise and watch them return for more.
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The human brain is remarkable. We can know with certainty that a compliment is hollow. And yet, we’ll accept it.

A fascinating study proved that consumers were more likely to choose a coupon from a store that had complimented them than to choose a coupon from one that hadn’t.

Think about that for a second.

I can tell you that “You look great today.” And even though you know that there is no way for me to tell, your brain will accept it as fact.

Now, imagine the ramifications of this for your fundraising.

Imagine what would happen inside your donors’ brains if you complimented them AND you meant it?

Consumers were more likely to buy from a store that dished out insincere flattery. Wouldn’t donors be more likely to give to an org that dished it out sincerely?

So after a donor has donated, don’t be shy. Tell your donor, “You have changed somebody’s life” and “I am so overwhelmed by your generosity” and “Because of you, someone is going to receive life-transforming services.”

If you flatter your donors (and if you mean what you say), they will come back for more. All thanks to the remarkable human brain.

(Interested in learning more about how to flatter your donors through a structured post-strategy? Email me at [email protected] and ask me about the CauseMatch Level Up program!)

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  1. Bedankt voor informatie om sponsors te vinden.


  2. Bedankt voor het delen van deze tips voor inzamelingsacties


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