Explore the simple-but-effective strategy of incorporating personal fundraising goals in every peer-to-peer campaign message.

Most peer-to-peer campaigns are short. They typically last between 24-72 hours.

Short-timeframe campaigns make sense because they create urgency and excitement. They allow for focused effort by the campaign organizers, reducing fatigue, encouraging participation, and generating a louder PR/social media buzz.

Perhaps the biggest advantage short campaigns give you is that they encourage real-time engagement.

Donors know they need to act. They can follow your progress. Ideally, they get invested in your success.

Short-timeframe campaigns invite donors into a story. When an ambassador screams from the rooftops that she has committed to an ambitious fundraising goal, her friends and family want to see her succeed.

But it only works if your ambassadors are loud and proud about their goals.

That’s why all of our email and message templates include a spot for ambassadors to fill in their personal fundraising goals and the current state of their progress toward them.

Think of the difference between these two emails you were to receive.

Hey, cuz! I’m raising money for Acme Org. Would you support this amazing cause?


Hey, cuz! I’m raising money for Acme Org. I’ve committed to an ambitious $3,000 goal, and I’m already 72% of the way there! Would you support this amazing cause and help me reach that magic $3k mark?

When ambassadors send that email, they should create momentum. They should generate excitement. They should gamify their campaigns.

It’s all part of the power of peer-to-peer fundraising.

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