Uncover untapped potential within your donorbase for your next major gift.

You’re looking for your next major donor, aren’t you? 

I know this to be true because every good fundraiser is always on the prowl for the next big gift.

What differs from fundraiser to fundraiser, however, is where they look for their next major donor. 

Some hear about wealthy people who may be interested in the cause and then send a cold email or make a cold phone call. 

Some turn to those within their network who claim to know a lot of wealthy people.

Some spend time on grant applications. 

All of these sources can pay off, but they are generally low-percentage shots. 

The highest-percentage place you should look for your next large gift is in your own backyard. 

You are too busy and too short on time to shoot in the dark. But looking within your own base means that your pool of potential major donors satisfies at least one crucial requirement: These people already know and care about your cause. 

Within your own donorbase, there are undoubtedly people who have capacity to give more. If you spend more time focusing on who those people are and which of them care deeply about your mission, you’ll focus your attention and time in a much more strategic manner.

Your next large gift is likely hiding in plain sight. 

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