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After you run a CauseMatch campaign, you can expect a host of new donors to your organization. 

New donors will find you through any number of ways, like peer-to-peer efforts, social medial channels, PR from a local newspaper, or emails to past program participants.

Congratulations are in order for each and every new donor your organization picks up. It means that you inspired another person to give to your important cause. It means that you were able to convey how much impact a donor will have when he or she gives. 

Nicely done! 

You’ve finished the hard part. But now comes the hard part.

It’s time to turn these new donors into recurring supporters. The old sales axiom holds true: It’s significantly cheaper to retain your current donors than it is to acquire new ones. Treat your new donors well, and they’ll respond in kind. 

There is one sure-fire way to drastically increase your chances of collecting subsequent donations from your first-time givers: All that you need to do is communicate with them. 

If you communicate with your new donors, you will show them that their gifts have made a difference. You will demonstrate that you appreciate them and their generosity.  

Before your campaign launches, you should plan to send these types of communication pieces to your new donors after the campaign. 

  1. A prompt and genuine thank you. 

This thank you can be an email, phone call, or both. A phone call works especially great for new donors who have given a significant amount.

  1. A second, more personal thank you. 

If your first thank you was a mass email, then send a second thank you. This can be a hand-writen card or just a personal email that demonstrates your gratitude.

  1. At least one update (if not more!) in the months following the campaign. Donors need to be reminded over and over again that their donations made a difference. Don’t be shy

As a general strategy, there are three very key principles that you should employ for new donors.

  1. Make a commitment to communicate with them. The absolute worst thing you can do to new donors is to go silent. Don’t do it!
  1. Make a plan for new donors. Sit with your executive team and brainstorm ways to welcome every single new donor to your organization. 
    • Record a thank you video that goes out to all new donors. 
    • Send them a welcome email that shows them they now are part of a special community. 
    • Ask them to join your Facebook page and then all new donors a special shout out once they do. 

There are endless ideas to make new donors feel ecstatic about joining your cause. All it takes is a little preparation and a strategy. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask them to donate again soon. 

The human brain loves to double down on investments. Once you inspire donors to give once, show them some love and ask them to donate again. All research shows that their second gift is more likely to come the sooner you ask for it. 

All of these tactics are part of a larger strategy to build relationships with your donors. The stronger those relationships, the more support your donors will offer!

Want to brainstorm ways to convert your new donors into brand enthusiasts? Contact CauseMatch today! 

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