research based evidence to running a fundraising campaign

Are you nervous about fundraising now?

Think your donors are too preoccupied with COVID to worry about your cause?

Are you trying to find the right motivation to turn to your donorbase and ask them for help?

Let the data guide you.

Click here to learn how you can find the bravery and fortitude to fundraise even during these trying times. This FREE report culls data from fundraising campaigns over the last three months… that means DURING the pandemic.

What you will see will inspire you to take action. It will give you the datapoints you need to convince your board that now – yes now! – is the exact right time to fundraise. It will generate the confidence you need to ask your major donors for a major commitment.

It’s easy to sit back and say that this just doesn’t feel like the right time to ask for a gift. But the numbers show otherwise.

In times of trial, donors want to help. When there is a problem about an issue that donors care about, they want to solve it. It is your job to paint a picture of what the world currently looks like… and what it could look like with donor generosity.

Well, the world has turned upside down. You are worried about your organization’s future. That’s where your donors can help.

Give them the opportunity to respond. Give them the chance to be generous. Give them the space to be heroes.

The data tells us that they’ll don their capes. But only if you ask.

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