Looking for new ways to fundraise? We've got three!

Let’s be honest – if you’re not investing in virtual fundraising, you’re leaving money on the table.

Virtual fundraising casts a MUCH wider net than in-person events. If all goes well, you’ll attract many more people to your virtual event than you would to an in-person event. Virtual fundraising events are cheaper to execute, too.

Before we begin brainstorming ideas for online events, it’s important to understand why virtual fundraising works. 

Four Reasons Why Virtual Fundraising Works

  1. For your average donor, virtual events are less time-intensive than in-person events
  2. With virtual events, you can leverage social media and your supporters’ friends/family to attract new donors
  3. Supporters who live far away can still join in on the action  
  4. You can unleash your creativity when you’re not bound by space and time!

With that understanding, we can begin the brainstorming process. To get your creative juices flowing, here are THREE virtual fundraising ideas that deliver results.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first or 100th virtual event. It doesn’t matter if you are short-staffed or overstaffed.  Your organization can absolutely pull these ideas off.

No one can resist a good deal. People give more when their donations are leveraged for more significant impact. That’s why matching campaigns are so successful.

Virtual fundraising idea #1: Matching campaign

Identify a corporate sponsor or major donor. Ask them if you can use their next major gift as a matching incentive to donors. When you launch the campaign, tell your audience that donations will be DOUBLED for TWICE the impact! You will be pleasantly surprised by how successful your matching campaign will be.

(Pro tip: Identify several major donors and pull their money together for the matching funds. Not only will you diversify your resources, but you will invite even more people into the story of your campaign. Campaign “matchers” will feel AWESOME about inspiring members of “the crowd” to donate.)

Virtual fundraising idea #2: Peer-to-peer campaign

Looking to expand your donor base? Who isn’t?!

Introduce new supporters to your cause through ambassador-led, peer-to-peer campaigns.

The concept is simple – Ask your most loyal supporters to commit to fundraising goals. Arm those supporters with templates and resources. That way, it’s easy for them to ask their friends and family for donations.

Your ambassadors will tackle their goals by sending people to your Donate Page.

(Pro tip: Create a unique donate page for each ambassador. It will make your ambassadors and their donors feel special!)

Getting ambassadors to help with your fundraising will reduce the stress on your team and help spread your message to new audiences.

Virtual fundraising idea #3: Join a Giving Day

Everyone knows about GivingTuesday. But your city likely has a local Giving Day as well. Google your city name plus the words “foundation” and “giving day.”

Most industries have a national or international giving day, too. That means that you can choose which giving day makes the most sense for your organization.

With Giving Days, donors must give within a very specific timeframe. That sense of urgency is a fantastic motivator!

With Giving Days, you can literally piggyback on other organizations’ momentum. Dozens (or more) of organizations will send out emails ahead of time and throughout the day. Donating will be on the top of your donors’ minds, which is GREAT for your organization.

(Pro tip: don’t want to join a pre-existing Giving Day? Or maybe you can’t find a relevant Giving Day in your area? Start your own! Chart your own path so that you emerge as a true thought leader and creative thinker.)

Want to keep the brainstorm going? Be in touch to let us help you explore opportunities to raise more money from more donors than you thought possible!

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