It's a fact - people give to people. See how Fundraising Ambassadors harness this psychological truth to help organizations raise more money from more donors.
Fundraising Ambassadors illustration

Your phone rings. 

It’s a telemarketer selling cookies. You interrupt her before she gets through her pitch. 

“Now’s not a good time. I’m not interested. Thank you.”

Your phone call ends.

Seconds later, your phone rings again.

This time, it’s your niece. She’s selling cookies, the very same ones the telemarketer tried to push on you moments ago. 

You interrupt her before she gets through her pitch.

“I’ll take six boxes,” you say. 

Your phone call ends. 

Peer-to-peer campaigns work like this: you recruit loyal supporters to take on fundraising goals. They then turn to their family and friends to ask for support. 

They operate under the simple principle that people give to people, not to organizations. They are, for all intents and purposes, the Girl Scout Cookie model on steroids. 

Fundraising Ambassadors are the loyal supporters who step up when called upon. They are your biggest allies. 

Given the right instructions and direction, they are the key to your fundraising success. That’s because when a friend or colleague asks to support a cause they believe in, it’s nearly impossible to say no. If it’s important to them, it’s important to us.

Once you recruit Fundraising Ambassadors, you give them social fundraising tools like templates and training so they feel comfortable asking their networks to donate. 

Give them their own individual fundraising pages and gamify the experience. 

Then, turn them loose. 

There are many advantages to running a Fundraising-Ambassador-led peer-to-peer campaign. 

  1. It’s the best way to invite new donors into your database.
  2. You’re not cannibalizing any other fundraising efforts because your target here is new donors.
  3. Loyal supporters feel great because they are always looking to do more for a cause they believe in. 
  4. It energizes a tired donorbase. 
  5. You can take advantage of cutting-edge tech tools like Donor Rescue to raise money without lifting a finger. 
  6. You can focus all of your efforts on Campaign Day on managing your Fundraising Ambassadors, making sure they are on target for their goals. (This has never been easier thanks to technology like the Ambassador Command Center that lets you easily track their progress.)

If you want to explore the opportunities of a peer-to-peer campaign for your organization, click here to schedule a free consultation with a fundraising expert. 

We love P2P campaigns and look for every opportunity to help organizations like yours reach new fundraising heights. 

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