The CauseMatch Team has been hard at work building thousands of campaigns for nonprofits.
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The CauseMatch Team has been hard at work building thousands of campaigns for nonprofits all around the world!

Our new E-Book will give you the exact steps you need to inspire more donations. This is the step-by-step process we go through to craft messaging that generates donations from donors all over the world.

The five lessons we will cover are:

1. What Do You Do? Understanding Your Own “Ask”

Every conversation you have with a donor can be centered on his/her passion for your cause. Every sentence you write in your next direct mail solicitation, pitch, or Facebook message should contribute toward making the donor feel like the solution to the problem.

2.Adding the Most Important Ingredient to Your Fundraising Message

Study after study proves that donors give with their hearts, not with their heads. It’s why statistics do not work in fundraising. Our task as fundraisers is emotional, not educational.

3.Best Practices of a Good Story

Remember these three principles and you can write great fundraising stories for your organization. It is a skill you will use over and over again. And your stories will become more effective as you do.

4.Putting It All Together

This lesson offers simple psychology hacks that will further improve your messaging. Of course, you won’t use every tip and trick here in every fundraising message. But the more you use them, the more you speak directly to your donor.

5. Emotion. Repetition. BOY

Make your donors FEEL something. Make them feel the pain and suffering of the people your organization serves. Make them feel proud to be a part of your winning organization. Make them feel like a hero who alleviated the pain and suffering of the people you serve. Make your donors feel.

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